Fun and Educational Stocking Stuffers


Gift giving is literally one of my favorite things to do. My littles are ages 3 – 12, and these are my top stocking stuffer ideas for this year. They’re not necessarily stocking stuffers for cost reasons, but more for size.

1. Scrunch Map – We love geography! I anticipate these maps (U.S. and World) will hang on road trips with us and near the couch when we’re doing read-alouds. I love that they’ll make it easy to keep a map close at hand, and small in size.

2. Constellation Coins – I ordered these coins to use as ornaments for my kiddos. I’m going to thread some thin string through a hole to hang them on the tree. I’m excited to do something a little different this year! I ordered late, so I might not get them in time for Christmas, but I’ll share a picture on Instagram when I do it.

3. Nerf bullets – Because we always need more.

4. Mermaid bracelets – Anytime we pass a pillow made of this fabric, we all love playing with the fabric. I definitely tend more simple with my fashion choices, but I thought my daughter would love to wear these.

5. Road tape – My youngest is definitely in the car phase, and this looks fun to create roads all over. Maybe even out to dinner.

6. Wrist baseball – One of my boys received this as a present before and loved it. I thought they might really like them to throw a ball around in the van as we travel, but seriously there are so many ways that could go wrong. Keep you posted.

7. Spry gum – Because my crew loves to chew gum, and I hate that gum is mostly just bad for you. This gum recommended by our dentist is our compromise.

8. Pocket knife – I love this with a whittling guide. This book looks really great.

9. Art supplies, like Ooly Chunkie Paint Sticks – I want these for my youngest guy.

10. Small games – I love these beautiful games, Match a Pair of Birds and Flower Families: A Go Fish Game , that you could definitely use during your homeschool day. Timeline is another great one for the school day, as it reviews history and everyone can play along. Q-bitz and Q-bitz Jr. are two we’re adding to our collection this year. They’re small enough to fit in the stocking if removed from their box. If you haven’t tried Story Cubes yet, these are another great compact game.

12. Thinking Putty – It’s like grown up play-doh. Mine play with these sometimes during read-aloud time.

13. Rope and knot tying – It’s something I know nothing about, but probably should. And I think my crew would benefit from knowing too. You might be able to DIY this kit for less cost.

14.  Schleich Animals – These are the best plastic animals, because they are so realistic looking. I love adding a new one to their collection each year.

15. Jump rope – Small enough to fit in the stocking and to throw in the car for big or little trips. Any maybe even to play with inside on snowy or wet days.



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