The Easiest Way to Clean Baseball Caps


I recently posted the above photo on Instagram and got a few questions about how it works, so I thought I would share it here with y’all. But before writing this post I did a quick google search to see if this solution is already out there. I didn’t see it. What I did see were a bunch of solutions that require either too much effort or aren’t really going to work. I provide hope for you — this idea works! Tried and tested on baseball caps from 5 sweaty, indelicate guys, not to mention, a prior generation. You see this is a trick my mom taught me. I learned from the best. It’s simple, really.


1. Line all the baseball caps in a clean dishwasher.

2. Load your normal dishwasher soap and start the cycle.

3. When the cycle ends, remove hats while the dishwasher is still steamy.

4. Check for any residual dirt. I found a couple spots on the very white areas of two hats, so I squirted on a little dishwashing liquid, scrubbed with my fingernails briefly (like 10 seconds, really), and gave them a quick rinse in the sink. The spots easily came out. I think it helped to do it while the hats were still wet from the very hot water.


The hats look great and perhaps more importantly, they smell much better. Their shape was not affected at all and on one has complained about any change in size. It’s a win! Now if someone can give me a method this easy for keeping their baseballs pants clean, I’d be forever grateful!




  1. Dee Dee Guilliams says

    That’s how I was taught to clean them, but we have a special hat shaped thing that goes in the dishwasher. It’s nice to know that I don’t need that and I could do multiple hats at once instead of running the dishwasher for a single hat.

  2. Kathy Beavon says

    Ahhh….. dirty baseball pants. Spray stain with oxyclean pre-laundry spray. Follow with oxyclean stain fighting gel stick (this is the key) on the stain and scrub with a nylon brush. After it sits for a while (30 min.) pour tide liquid detergent over the stain and scrub with a nylon brush. Let sit for a while and then launder. If there is still some stain after washing, DON’T put in dryer and repeat the process. Expensive and time consuming – but there’s nothing quite like stain-free baseball pants:)

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