Cycle 3: Week 3

Guess what? Life has gotten very busy – we’re moving! I’m so glad I made a plan for simplicity for homeschooling this year.


This week we’ve been reviewing our history sentence by reading one of the books from our book list, the Boston Tea Party by Pamela Duncan Edwards. It’s a cute book with good drawings that traces the chain of events that led to the Boston tea party. The words are rhythmic making them easy to remember.


Other than that, we’re sticking with our basic plan of 1. tracing the states and blobbing the continents, 2. filling in our classical notebooks, and 3. reciting the memory work.


Phew, so thankful for simple! What’s working for you this week?









  1. says

    My girls loved The Boston Tea Party. It reminded me of the book,
    The Napping House, as far as repetition which my girls also loved. This morning they were playing with their Little People King and I hear “Tax the Tea!”

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