Cycle 3: Week 2

Learning with Legos

All of my ideas begin and end with Legos this week. Can you blame me? I’m surrounded by boys who love to build and are doing it all the time.

I thought it would be great fun to use our Legos to try to build any number of things from our review: a Mayflower boat, the capital building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, or the axial skeleton. Fun, right? I think so! We’ll see what my crew thinks. And just so you know, I’m simply planning to move our review for the day (or week, depending on how much building we do) to our Lego room. We’ll build and I’ll quiz them on review at the same time. Or we’ll build and listen to the review music at the same time.  So, I don’t even necessarily consider this an extra!

(Side note: when we first started getting Legos for our littles, they were hardly interested and I thought they’d miss out on crucial boy fun and the potential for so much learning. But, with time, practice, and a little more growing, they now love them. I gotta say, I think our Lego room set-up has made it easier to play with the little blocks too.)

Looking for more Lego review fun? Love how Brandy’s family made a Lego map for their geography fair. You could easily use that idea to learn the shapes of the states we’re learning this week.




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