How Our Campus Created a Fun, Family Review Night

Sweet friends from my CC campus arranged the most fun mid-cycle family review night.  It had to be rescheduled once due to weather, but we were still able to get it in basically midway through the year.  Sorry, I’m sharing it a little late here.  But, it could be a fun end of year night too!  I was so impressed by what these ladies created.  With their permission, I’m excited to share the ideas with you.  

Throughout the fellowship hall/gym of the church where we meet, games were set up and manned by parent volunteers for the all the students to rotate through.  It was fun to have the dads “doing CC” with us for a night!  Families signed up in advance, so teams could be formed and the right number of supplies provided.  Teams were generally assigned by ages, so each game could be tailored as necessary.  If you’re interested in creating an event like this for your campus, here are the games we played:

Math Match-Up 

Skip-counting boards were set-up in the Math Match-Up station.  Each space had a velcro back on it.  The amount of skip counting boards depended on the age of the kids coming through the station.  Teams had to fill in the numbers by rummaging through their basket and velcroing the numbers on the board in order.  The team to complete this challenge the fastest won tickets for all their team members.

My husband and I manned this game.  We varied the amount and difficulty of the boards depending on the age of the students.  Each group impressed us!

History Blanket Pull
Teams lined up for a relay race.  Two volunteers were on opposite sides of the gym with the History questions.  Two more volunteers began with the teams of kids, each with a blanket.  One student from each team took turns to compete against each other as they were pulled across the gym on the blanket.  When they reached the other side, they had to correctly answer the History sentence.  Once they did, they hopped back on their blanket to be pulled back across the gym to their waiting team.  The next competitor hopped on until the game was over.  The team with the higher score won a ticket for every member of their team!

I’m not sure who enjoyed this game more, the students riding or the dads pulling. Ha!

Latin Linguist
Students from each team took turns to run up and roll a die.  The volunteers asked each competitor a Latin question, and that student answered the question in the manner in which the die asked them to (robot voice, etc).  They then ran back to their team and tagged the next person to go. Teams earned points for correct answers.  Each member of the winning team received a ticket at the end.

Are You Smarter Than A Parent? (Science)
Students squared off against a panel of parents to answer science questions.  A question was asked by another parent volunteer.  The first competitor to buzz in had the opportunity to answer the question, making sure to answer in complete sentences.  Points were kept to determine which team emerged as the winner.  Each member of the winning team received a ticket.

The parent competitors, two dads, were so gracious in giving silly answers against the younger students.  It was funny to watch the young competitors’ faces when the parents gave a ridiculous answer! 

Geography Genius
Two large maps were hung on the wall.  One member from each team went up to the map with a pointer.  Volunteers called out a location on the map, and the student used the pointer to locate it as quickly as possible.  The team that was able to answer the most questions correctly and the fastest won!  Each member of the winning team received a ticket.

Basketball Shoot-Off (English)
Two volunteers organized the teams and asked the English questions.  When a team answered the question correctly, they were allowed to shoot a basket.  The “baskets” were our parent volunteers.  They were holding hula hoops around their waists to “catch” balls as they were thrown.  Our “baskets” moved around a bit to help the teams make points (or hinder!!).  Each winning shot earned the team a point.  The team with the most points at the end of the game received a ticket for each member of their team.

We actually had to switch this game a bit when hula hoops couldn’t be located in time.  We used boxes for hoops.  But, I left the original directions, because hula hoops sound a bit more fun! 

Timeline Limbo 

We finished off the night with the Timeline Limbo!  Every student participated in this event for a ticket.  There wasn’t anything special about this Limbo, except that the kids marched around to the tune of the Timeline Song.   They liked it and it was pretty funny to watch too!

Throughout the night the students collected their tickets in a baggie marked with their name. The night ended with the students using their tickets to purchase fun, little prizes and everyone enjoying snacks and treats brought in to share.  I don’t think the students would’ve minded even having no prizes, because they had such fun playing the games.

I know other communities have fun ways to review.  What are some things you’ve done at your campus?

Two more family fun community night ideas:

Solagratiamom’s Memory Review Party
Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood’s Community Geography Fair


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      Colleen – thanks so much for commenting! When you said “rendition,” I gathered your campus must have done one also. I found your blog post on the same type of night that you organized. Maybe the moms from my campus found some ideas from your blog? I’m gonna include your post here! Thanks, as always, for sharing your creativity with all of us in the larger CC community!! 🙂


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