Travel: San Antonio, Texas

The first stop on our recent three week trip (besides In-N-Out Burger!) was San Antonio, Texas.  We knew we wanted to visit The Alamo, so we started our day by viewing the movie The Alamo – The Price of Freedom at the Alamo IMAX at the Rivercenter. It’s a forty-two minute docudrama recreating this important battle in Texas’ fight for freedom from Mexico.  It showcased many of the famous characters from the battle, including Davey Crockett and James Bowie.  This brief introduction gave my littles (and me) a great visual history to take with us when we walked the grounds of The Alamo.  

We left our car in the Rivercenter parking garage and walked to The Alamo to independently tour the grounds.  While there, we read about the history and made observations about the architecture and foliage; both so different from our home state! We took plenty of pictures of the plants in Alamo Gardens, so we could incorporate them into our nature studies later.  

After walking The Alamo grounds, we jumped on a trolley tour of San Antonio.  We were hoping for some history and an overview of the city.  Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out that way.  The trolley was packed and the windows were down, so it was hard to hear the driver giving the tour.  We also realized a little late in the game that if you exited at a stop you were there for an hour waiting for the next trolley pick-up.  We decided to stay on until one of the last stops, the art village La Villita.  Best part of the ride? Our littlest man fell asleep leaning on his little sister.  : ) We ended up at the River Walk for dinner and a boat tour.  Perfect!

This dinner was extra special, because we were celebrating my oldest’s birthday. 8! Traveling is one of his favorite things and he was loving our day.  He’s the one who greets me each morning by asking, “Where are we going today?” 🙂  For him, being in Texas for his birthday was the best! So, we enjoyed some Texas cuisine (some of the best guacamole ever!) and watched the playful ducks nearby.

After dinner, we took a thirty-five minute boat tour of the River Walk.  Our tour guide shared lots of historical tidbits and was entertaining and fun.  We capped off our day in San Antonio eating ice cream on a shop balcony while a live band played below us.  Simply a great day! 

Have you visited San Antonio? Perhaps you’re from the area? I don’t know if or when we’ll make it back there, but I know my little crew would love to! Please leave any recommendations or questions in the comments! 

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