Time for Mini Memory Master Testing


Are you on break right now? We’re on a short Thanksgiving break before squeezing in a bit more before Christmas break.  Now’s the perfect time to make sure those memory pegs are in before the next 12 weeks of material make an appearance.
A friend’s family shared with me that they do Mini Memory Master testing during this time.  I loved the idea and thought you might too! With her permission, I’m sharing it here.  This is how they do it (more or less)…
A week or so ahead of time the date for the Mini Memory Master Testing is revealed.
The children can test on any subject that they feel they have mastered up until that point in the year.  
For each subject they can individually recite with NO help, they receive $1.00.  When they were able to recite one subject with no help on a second try, they received $0.50.  
On the test day, each child sits down with dad for him to quiz them on their memory work.  In their home, they like having dad listen to the memory work, because he tends to catch anything they are saying incorrectly better because he does not “know” what they are going to say except for reading the card.  Makes sense, right? I know the dad in our home also likes being involved in this fun way and my littles don’t mind showing off for dad!
We’re definitely doing this in our home over break.  It’s a great step in the making of a memory master.  How about you? Any fun ways you’ll be reviewing? I’d love to hear!
P.S. – My friend Becki is the mom of this family and blogs here! Check it out for more on how their family learns together!  Trust me, you’ll be inspired and encouraged by their outlook.


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