The One Question I Ask All Homeschool Graduates

“Would you homeschool your children?” That’s it.  That’s the question I ask every homeschool graduate I meet.  Aren’t you curious? I kind of hold my breath a little waiting for their answer, because I’m never quite sure what they’ll say.  But, I think it’s the perfect question to ask and the answer tells you just about everything you really want to know.  

I recently asked a girl in a band this question – specifically Callie of The Vespers.  My hubs and I had just seen them open for The David Crowder Band at my alma mater, Cairn University.  Callie mentioned that her and her sister, two members of the band, were homeschooled.  I, of course, cheered that mention, along with some others in the crowd.  

After the show, which we thought rocked, the band made themselves available for autographs, pictures, talking, etc.  I waited till the crowds died away, introduced myself, and asked if it would be okay to ask a totally non-music question.  Callie super graciously said yes and I pounced with the one question I ask every homeschool graduate, “Would you homeschool your children?”  She quickly said, “Yes. and I plan to.” Um, YES! That’s exactly the answer I was hoping for.  We talked a little longer – she’s super cool.  (I know that, because she was surprised I had four littles.  She thought I was still in college. Oh yeah!  Wait — maybe that just means she’s super nice and knows how to make a fan for life. Either way…)

How about you? Have you met a lot of homeschool graduates? What’s your go-to question? 

By the way, if you’re a homeschool graduate and we meet some day, and I ask you this question, please be totally transparent! I can even handle it if you answer no.  There’s always something to be learned.


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    It’s ALWAYS interesting to talk to homeschool graduates, I think!! They’ve come up on my radar in increasing numbers since I helped launch a site for homeschooling through high school called And the news definitely isn’t always pleasant. For instance, posts from a site called Homeschoolers Anonymous ( are shared so incredibly often on social networks that I feel like it resonates with many homeschool-graduates, and that’s a little sad that there needs to be an online support group for graduates with somewhat negative experiences. But then the success-stories that I come across are amazingly encouraging as well. It’s a mixed bag, for sure!

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    That really is a tell-all question, isn’t it? I think what is too bad is that people lump homeschoolers all into one pile, while leaving room for lots of variants in the public school world. Like, if one homeschool was run poorly, all homeschooling must be bad. But, obviously there are tons of terrible public school stories, yet no one would dare question someone sending their child to a public school. Oh well, I guess all we can do is help foster the positive image of homeschooling!

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