Cycle Two – Week Seven

History – Read The 95 Theses by Dr. Martin Luther.

Latin – Copy the Latin work on blank notebook paper.

English – Write the possessive adjectives on sticky notes and attach them on items around the house.  I have a feeling they’ll like this and we’ll do it more than once. :)

Science – Draw a five point star and label each arm with the five kinds of stars.  Idea found here!

Math – Complete a number search using the dot marker.

Geography – We’ll continue map marking and continent blobbing.  

I want to make sure y’all know, it’s a rare week indeed when we actually execute all of these ideas.  I love having the plan ready to go, but it doesn’t always happen. Some days, we simply listen to the review music.  Some days, I grab our memory review notecards and drill for a few minutes.  I do my best to roll with it and hold my plans loosely.  


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