The View from Instragram

I love seeing the beauty in our regular days.  I need to capture these beautiful moments.  So, I do.  Kind of a lot.  Some messy, some silly, and some that nearly take my breath away.  Together they form a bit of picture diary of this season.  Of working hard, of messy, of play, of laughs, of tears, of learning, of growth.  They are moments worth remembering and celebrating.  God designed our family and chose this path for us.  We are grateful.

You can get a glimpse of how things go for us day to day on Instragram with the tag #ccathome, plus find lots of other CC families by searching the tag, #classicalconversations.  Be encouraged by what you see.  Others are home working hard also.  Others are loving their babies in the easy and hard moments.  Others are celebrating and sharing the growth they’re witnessing. Then, take a moment (or several) and look around for the beauty near you.


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