How We Do Review – Popsicle Pick

I’ve made my Popsicle Pick game…finally!  I had the idea last year, but just made time to bang it out.  I’m excited to add it to our short list of simple ways to review our memory work.

I took the color assigned to each subject on the memory master flashcards and painted one end of a popsicle stick to match.  They’re shown here drying, but for the game I’ll place them in a solid cup or can so the color cannot be seen.  Each of my littles will take a turn picking a stick and answering a question from the subject they selected.  If you don’t have the memory master flashcards, you could just as easily write a subject name on each stick.

If you’re painting them, here’s a simple tip to avoid dirtying a bunch of little paintbrushes.  I squeezed a little paint on the end of one popsicle stick at a time.  I then squished it onto a thick piece of paper, which spread the excess paint on the paper.  I flipped the stick over to dip the other side in the excess paint now on the paper.  I double checked the coverage and it worked great!

Happy reviewing, everyone!


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