Travel: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Since we’ve started homeschooling our children, my husband and I have realized how great it is to be right where we are.  We are in Pennsylvania, specifically just outside Philadelphia.  All around us are historic locations waiting to be explored.  Plus many more locations well within driving distance.  

Just a couple weeks ago, we spent a day in Historic Philadelphia visiting the Once Upon a Nation Storytelling Benches.  It was fun and free, as are many other historic attractions in Philadelphia.  At each bench mapped out and marked throughout the city, we were met by a storyteller who enthralled us with a tale of an interesting person or event in Philadelphia’s history.  The storytellers were animated and friendly.  My littles were given a paper flag by the first storyteller we approached and a star sticker for their flag at each stop.  There are 13 stars for the colonies, but only 10 stops.  As one storyteller told us, “Budget cuts.” If they get all 10 star stickers, they get a free ride on the Philadelphia Park Liberty Carousel.  We did not know this when we started, so it was a great treat after the hours we spent trekking the city! 

As we were walking between benches, we happened upon a chance for our littles to enlist in the continental army.  This free program on the street lasted about 45 minutes, but completely kept my littles’ attentions.  The army personnel were lively and entertaining.  My little soldiers lined up, marched, worked a musket, and received certificates as full-fledged recruits signed by the Commander in Chief. My boys were in their element, but watching my little girl participate was hilarious!  If you happen upon this chance, don’t miss out!

How about you? What’s fun to do near your home? We’d love to hear about your adventures and add your fun ideas to our long travel wish list! 


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      it’s such a fun and worthwhile goal! every person we share it with gets excited with us & contemplates the possibilities of doing that with their family. : ) glad we learned about it from you!! we’ll have to make a state trip together one of these days!

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