The View from Here – Ready to Start Again?

In the last week or so, my boys have turned on our CC Cycle 3 memory work music, recited the timeline repeatedly, and pulled out our cycle 3 flashcards asking me to quiz them.  Plus my youngest boy is working hard to convince me he’ll be a memory master next year – at age 4.  (Love his tenacity & confidence!)  

Think they’re ready for next year already? Well, not me…not yet!  I need this time to reflect on this past year, pray over and plan for next year, and read from my growing list of classical education books.  How about you? If you’re reflecting and reading too, I hope you’ll join the CC at Home Book Club. If anyone out there is reading through Climbing Parnassus right now, check out my review.  It was not easy reading, but it was worthwhile. Really! 

Now to brew some coffee, put my feet up, and read a good book for a bit while the littles nap & rest.  

Oh & maybe I should go ahead with ordering my cycle 2 supplies.  They clearly need something to do. : )


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      i’m so glad! i thought i was reading it alone! can’t wait to hear what you think of the book when you’re done : )

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