CC at Home Book Club – Teaching The Trivium Giveaway

New Update: Since I have not heard from Kara, a new winner was randomly selected today.  I have private messaged Rhianna Garber and will be waiting to hear from her.  Congrats, Rhianna!

UPDATE: Kara, entry #77 & winner, I have not yet heard from you! Please contact me ASAP! If I don’t hear from Kara by midnight on Sunday, May 26th, a new winner will be randomly selected from the previous entries. 

Friends, I’m 8 chapters in to Teaching the Trivium.  I’m marking all throughout my copy — underlining, stars, question marks, personal notes of experience, etc etc etc.  (Which by the way, is a complete reverse from how I was as a high school/college student.  I wanted my books to remain pristine.  Now I want to remember how I interacted with the book each time I read it.  You know how that can change?) 

How about you? Have you started? Well, if you haven’t, maybe you’re about to win & then you can start reading too! I hope you will!

Congrats to Kara, entry #77, you’re the winner! Please contact me ASAP to receive your book!

Keep reading everyone!  I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the book at the beginning of June & I hope you’ll join in the discussion by sharing your thoughts too! 


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      Rhianna, I’m so glad you’ve commented! I messaged you on FB, because (as far as I know!) that was the only contact info I had for you. You can email me your address at bethwatson115 gmail com I look forward to hearing from you!

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