Presidents' Day Free Printables

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Our campus is off tomorrow for the Presidents’ Day holiday, but we’re going to keep going with our normal work to allow for some other days we need off soon.  

I’m also throwing these ideas together totally last minute, but they are so easy that you (and I!) can just make them happen easily tomorrow or any day this week!  Plus they’ll come in handy as we learn the presidents in the next few weeks.

Worksheets & Coloring Pages by President

President’s Day Mini Book

President’s 4-in-a-Row Board Game

Presidential Skip Counting

What about you? Taking the day off or moving forward? 


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      angie, thanks for the heads up! it was complicated, so i changed it to a different link shared by another CC mom this morning. : ) this link has free worksheets & printables listed by each president. great, right?

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