What We're Doing – Week 16 Links & Ideas

History – Review our history sentences, by playing like the Mesoamericans with bouncy rubber balls – without using our hands & trying to get the ball through a ring.  (without the element of human sacrifice and brutal competition – naturally.)  Each correct answer gets a turn or 3 tries, depending on how hard this turns out to be!

Latin – More copywork!

English – Continue with helping verb short story.

Science –  Watch National Geographic videos about volcanoes. Make molton lava cakes (oh yumm!) to enjoy for dessert.  Read about and find definitions for the 4 kinds of volcanoes.  

Math – Complete this worksheet together.

Geography – Use Crecia’s geography cards to “picture” locations.  Review locations on the map.

Fine Arts – Check out Brandy’s Great Artist’s Study post, which is full of great links! I’m going to tell my little’s 3 main things about Albrecht Durer based on readings here and here. 1) His interest in art started young.  He did his first self portrait using a mirror at the age of 13.  2) His drawings were very realistic and he considered texture, proportion, scale, and details to make them so.  3) He desired for his art to be recognizable and popularly available.  So, he created a unique signature which was easy to spot on his works.  Since he was excellent at etching and engraving, he was able to produce multiple prints of his works.  This lowered the cost, thereby making them more accessible.  

Using mirrors we’re going to make our own self portraits {or at least try!} on the back of styrofoam plates and create a unique signature using our initials. We’ll follow the directions here to make prints of our self-portraits.

I must admit, I get the most excited about the english & fine arts studies.  But, I try to be excited about each subject, so my littles interest peaks wherever their hearts and brains are being tugged.  What about you? Have a favorite subject?  


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