How It's Going – Week 13

My guys are connecting the helping verb train by ordering the words of the definition. My oldest totally made the connection right away about helping verbs being to a sentence like a train engine is in moving train cars. Yay for things making sense! : )  I hope this continues as we use the train cars for the next several weeks.

Next you’ll see they’re all pounding and digging away in their rocks to find their gold nuggets (aka popcorn kernels.)  If you read my week 13 plans, you’ll know that using popcorn kernels was a slight adjustment to my original concept. But, since I had some kernels on hand and it saved me a step, I thought it was a win!

My littles REALLY loved mining for their gold.  Before we started, we read some history about Kush and the Kushites for context. I set the stage and they went to work.

Even the littlest of hands had a great time collecting her gold nuggets in a makeshift bowl of foil. 

Our dig site partway through…they were attentive and diligent to the end with collecting their nuggets.  My oldest thought it was the “most fun ever!”

Did you try either of these projects with your littles? If so, I’d love to hear about it! 

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