Take A Look – The Littles' Notebooks

We do lots of little projects on paper in our schooling – copywork, drawing, diagramming, worksheets, cut & paste, etc.  My littles really love doing these activities.  They’re so good for reinforcing memory work and for expounding with more information. We store all of these papers in their notebooks.  Each little has a 1.5 inch 3 ring binder. 

They have a low shelf for storing their 3 ring binder and other workbooks.  Having their own shelf gives them responsibility for and accessibility to their own belongings. This is our first year trying this and it’s working great!

Their work is stored by subject divisions.  Besides the work they complete at home, we add any worksheets they complete during CC community day.  Having all their work contained in one area is so helpful to me for organization.  It also gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work, which they happily flip through and show off to family members and friends. 

I’m excited to look through the notebooks at the end of the year to review their progress and appreciate all that we’ve accomplished.  I’m sure they’ll enjoy it too, but probably not as much as me!  

What about you? How do you organize your littles’ work? Notebook? Workboxes? 

P.S. – If you noticed a lapse in activity here, it’s because we’ve been mostly offline at home due to Hurricane Sandy. Our power is back, our damage was very minimal and we have stayed safe and dry throughout.  Thanks for the prayers! Please continue to keep our area in your prayers.  So many have lost so much and are still without power. 

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