What We're Doing – Week Two Links

Here are links to some ideas I’ve found online and plan to use for our week 2 grammar time at home.  

History – Ten Commandment Hand Commands

                 Ten Commandments Movie

Geography/History – Mummifying a Barbie-type doll

English – Teaching Prepositions – DIY poster

Science – Animal Classification Video

Fine Art – Spring Symmetry Printable

I have not watched the entire Ten Commandments movie yet, so please make sure it’s okay for your family!  Because of its length, we will probably watch this as a treat in the afternoon or evening one day this week.

For teaching prepositions, I like the poster & will likely make something similar but will probably also add an active element to it.  After all, I do have 3 boys! I’ll keep you posted as we do that at home this week. 

And…we don’t have any barbies, so we’ll be using some type of random plastic or wooden doll.  What about you? Any interesting ideas planned for reinforcing the new grammar at home? Do share!

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