History + Timeline + Bible

Today after reviewing our timeline, we read the reverse of the first card.  We plan to read the back of 1-2 cards a day.  We also spontaneously decided to locate the ancient civilizations on our modern day map.  That was great fun for all of us! and really helped give us context before we read in The Story of the World.  

I love how the timeline cards and The Story of the World books integrate world history with the history found in the Bible.  It’s such a natural way to include the truth of the Bible in our studies.  My original plan for Bible was to read and draw our way through the Gospels, but I love the idea found here and am now changing to that.  So, we’ll read and draw through the Bible with these matched up passages (scroll about halfway down the post).   

In case you’re curious, that simply means I’ll read the Bible passage first and then my littles will draw something they remember from the reading in an art book for about 15 minutes or so.  They love this and usually want to come back to it later when we have more time!

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