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I’ve been pinning and researching different educational applications for iPads or iPhones.  I envision these apps being used as treats and brain breaks for 5-15 minute increments in our school days. Here are some of the best apps I’ve found and some are even applicable to our course of study this year!

1) Ansel & Clair’s Adventures in Africa, $4.99

2) Google Earth, free

3) Britannica Kids: Volcanoes, $0.99 (there are also Ancient Rome, Aztec, and 
    Egypt versions)

4) Virtual History Roma, $4.99

5) National Geography’s Weird but True, $1.99

6) BrainPop Featured Movie, free

7) Project Noah, free

8) Chalk Walk, $2.99

9) Left Right Pup, $2.99

10) PlayART, $3.99

11) Audobon Guides – Birds, Mammals, Trees & Wildflowers, $19.99

12) Sibley eGuide for Birds, $19.99

13) Peterson Guide – Birds, $14.99

I’d love to hear what you think! Do you use apps in your school day? Perhaps you already have some of these apps or could direct us to one of your favorites.  If so, please share! 


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    Thanks for the suggestions! We have a number of educational apps but my kids’ favorites are the Bob Books app and Stack the States.

    I heard the Peterson Field guides are awesome. We have the paper copy so I can’t justify buying the digital copy. 🙁

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      Well, for now, the Peterson Field Guide is on my “wish list!” I heard Stack the States is good! Wish I had it last year! & I bet the Bob Books would be a hit with my guys too.

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    I agree – great list! Keep posting if you find more! We just got an ipad recently so I am very new to all the apps…although I do like snapleaf – you can take a picture of any leaf and it will identify it for you.

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