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As I’m sure you know, or you’ve heard, there is A LOT of grammar for your littles to learn each week.  And not only do you want them to learn the grammar for each new week, but you also want them to remember the grammar from the previous weeks.  How does one do that? Well, this is the system I worked out for our family last year & we plan to stick to the same plan this year.  

For this first How We Do Review post, I’ll share how we review the timeline.

On Monday, our CC community meets and we learn the new timeline cards with motions and review the previous weeks.  Periodically throughout the year, I will record our director or the whole campus saying the timeline and doing the motions.  When I do that, we review the timeline on Tuesday morning by first watching the video.  My littles find that a special treat, mostly because they get to watch themselves and their friends!  But, our normal timeline review schedule looks like this — each morning during the 9 o clock hour – 

Monday —      learn the timeline at community

Tuesday —     look at cards while saying aloud, mom & littles together, and  
                    doing motions

Wednesday — look at cards while saying aloud, mom & littles together, and  
                    doing motions

Thursday —    look at cards while saying aloud, just littles, and doing motions

Friday —        say aloud, just littles, without looking at cards and doing motions      
                   while only mom looks at cards to check 

As the week progresses, I expect more from my guys during the review.  I have to tell you, they really like the challenge! They are eager to see each week how far they can get without mom’s help. Of course, I offer help when they need it.  By the end of last year, they had learned the whole thing!

We have the new timeline song on CD.  I’m curious to see how that will work in to our routine.  My husband is working to put all the review music also on our iPods, so that we have the music wherever and whenever we need it! Frequently, I set the music to play for the littles during their quiet time and also on car rides.

Do you have any special timeline review secrets? If so, please share!



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    Last year, we enjoyed the Beth Fox timeline rap and just did the timeline occasionally (not well with the cards). In April, my kids practiced the timeline often with me and mastered it, but we were not good at continually reviewing other than to dance around the house to the timeline rap. 🙂

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      SO much can be mastered by “just” listening to it over & over! Right? I’m sure dancing to the rap was an integral part in your children mastering the timeline by the end of CC!

      P.S. – mastering the timeline has been so helpful to me! i’m terrible at being able to connect various events through history, but i love how understanding this has opened my eyes to so much more!

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      I’m not sure about the CC Connected tutorials. I have never purchased the CC app for iPad, but in it’s description it covers history, geography, science, math, latin, and english grammar. I have yet to see a Cycle 1 version, but only a Cycle 3 version. Does that help?

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    This is a case where I am thankful for youtube because I have found several videos of moms doing the timeline with their kids and so I am able to see the motions (since we’re not a part of a CC group formally). Have GOT to get those cards for sure! 😀 thanks for sharing your review schedule as I am trying to find how and when I’ll be fitting this in each week…


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