Summer Reading

Connecting the Dots

Last year was my second year homeschooling and my first year as part of a Classical Conversations community.  When I first heard about classical education, I thought it sounded like the opposite of everything I had envisioned for homeschooling my children.  However, some of my favorite homeschooling mamas were already doing CC and loving it, so I had to see what all the excitement was about! I went to an informational meeting and was further intrigued.  It started to make sense to me & I welcomed the idea of having a solid “spine” to build our learning around.  & guess what? We loved it!  

As we prepare for our second year with Classical Conversations, I wanted to deepen my knowledge of classical education.  I borrowed 2 books, The Well Trained Mind and The Core, from a friend and have been reading them voraciously (whenever I have a free moment!). I’ve learned so much in them & have a feeling I’ll be purchasing my own copies very soon. If you haven’t read them yet, borrow or buy your own copies soon! I can assure you the information they offer will help connect the dots for you!

Any other books you’d recommend? I’m sure I can find more free time!


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